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Good morning and this is Cathy Muzhou Zhai .

In my understanding the mask have some different definitions, it can either be the object worn on face for medical protection, or an abstract feather to hide the real personalities and feelings (ego) in the modern society.

So this time I created a portrait for the concept "MASK". 


The left hand side is a face being wrapped and covered with many digital devices. The combination of all the devices just like the mask that shows the fake but beautiful figure on the social media and internet. It is undeniable that we lived in a rapid technology and data flow era, but why more and more people worn such a "mask". One reason is that some people afraid of showing their sensitive, fragile, and negative aspects to others. In another word they afraid of being rejected and failed, they afraid of facing their real ego. The other reason is that some people have already get lost in the huge data flow, they were literally controlled by the algorithm and  the fast-food cultural input. Actually they have no idea what are they ding everyday, not to say care about others. In conclusion, Modern people tend to hide their inside feeling, while ignore the emotional demand from others. As a result, they were being pushed further and further from each other. 


In the right hand side I would like to show the original but simple status of human and natural. At this point dead is not a scared but beautiful thing that full of truth and hope. Every natural thing can be a mask that does not mean isolation, but delivery the most sincerely wishes. 


I draw these two part differently and separately is that, I would like to show the comparison and the conflict of this concept and the social issue I talked about above. Also the right hand side drawing in Asian style which is different from the left hand side. That is because I would like to improve the impact and the comparison. 



Sincerely, Cathy 



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